"SPORTS LOCALLY" is the media to introduce
the "passion for sports" in Kansai region.

"My manager is doing practice swings, saying he is participating in the international tennis competition in Harima."
"I heard that grandma was going to Kumanokodo. What!? To run a marathon!?"
"My husband says we're going to Hanazono for next year's family vacation, to play rugby!"
"Going to Nara with mum friends in neighbours to join the Games? Volleyball? Oh, a tug of war?"

Enjoy sports, enjoy travel, enjoy the town and gourmet at the destination. Enjoy with the family, enjoy with the friends.

Since you are going, play sports as well as being greedy for fun. If you are participating in something, participate in the big competition which everyone can join.

Yoga experience at Wakasa beach where people fight for flags.
Change the cycle wear to a Yukata and walk around the group of white-walled storehouses called "Shirakabe Dozogun".
Canoe mates and rivals, enjoy Tango's local Sake together.
Sweat during triathlon, enjoy Minami's stunning view and stuff yourself with local fish on fishing boat cruise.
Fly above Hockey town with a paraglider.

If we could hear people talking about things like that, Kansai region would be a lot more fun.

What is the passion for sports for yourself, around you or where you live? What is the "SPORT and SOMETHING" which is so much fun?