Running in the morning in Osaka Castle Park, where you can enjoy different sceneries in the four seasons. This is a bakery surrounded by trees, which looks like the one in children’s books. [#bestbreakfast] makes me feel like I’m travelling. It’s great!

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Osaka City (Osaka Pref.)
Running in the morning in Osaka Castle Park, where you can enjoy different sceneries in the four seasons. This is a bakery surrounded by trees, which looks like the one  in children’s books. 
[#bestbreakfast] makes me feel like I’m travelling. It’s great!

This article is based on the coverage conducted at the beginning of April 2021. Although some pictures were taken without wearing a mask, in principle, the coverage was conducted taking counter measures against Covid-19 (to wear a mask, etc.) recommended in Osaka Prefecture at that time.

The shop opening hours may change due to Covid-19. Please check the website for the latest information.

Under this Covid-19 pandemic, eating out and travelling far have been restricted and many of you may be feeling that your daily life is a bit closed. I love doing exercise outside and going to cafes so I now strongly appreciate the ordinary days I used to have. Being positive, I thank my everyday life, wishing that the peaceful days come back.

Today, I would like to talk about running in the morning admiring the nature in Osaka Castle Park and [#bestbreakfast] that you can enjoy delicious homemade yeast bread. I’d be happy if you thought “I want to get up early to have a breakfast outside, one day.”, after reading this article!

Jogging path in Osaka Castle Park

Through the woods, a lovely spot appears…

I filmed the videos at the beginning of April. The temperature was 15 ℃ and it was such a pleasant morning for jogging. There were only a few people at 7 a.m. on a weekday, so I strolled around with my friend admiring the nature. It was the season of cherry trees in leaf when I was there. You can always enjoy the scenery of the four seasons around this jogging path in Osaka Castle Park, I recommend going!
In the first picture, you can catch a glimpse of Osaka Castle in the back!
In the second picture, you can see the today’s topic on the right side, a shop called “R Baker, Osaka Castle Park branch”.
The shop is a bit hard to recognize in this picture, because it nicely blends into the woods. If I get closer…
It has a strong presence! The trees and greens create a warm atmosphere and it looks like a bakery in a forest which may appear in children’s books. Hardly anyone would pass by not noticing the shop because of the smell of fresh baked breads! (It’s a bit far from “Osaka Castle Park” station and you need to go through the jogging path in the woods, so this may be a secret place!)
Here they are, morning combos! There are more menus to choose from such as “GB set” available only at Osaka Castle Park branch. (G for German sausages and B for beer, I suppose.)
It was 8 a.m. when I got there and about one hour had passed since the shop opened. I walked in and there were already several people; one of them seemed to have popped in when walking a dog, and a business man on the way to work, a person in workout clothes…this is the place anyone can pop in.
Interior is also wooden based. The sun was shining on the breads through large windows!
All the breads were looking delicious and I wanted to choose one by one, but I ordered the “Morning Set” (430 yen including Tax) which I had decided to order!
To my surprise, I could toast the bread as I like, using the ovens in the shop which you can choose from 3 different types! I used the oven which toasts at high temperature for crispy texture. My friend used a steam oven.
(I chose sesame dressing and blueberry jam, and my friend chose onion dressing and marmalade jam!)
The plate to suit your mood in the morning is completed!!
Since it was a weekday morning, we had the terrace in the back almost to ourselves.
The homemade yeast bread was so fluffy inside and the more I chewed, the more flavor of butter came out. It was the first time in my life that I toasted bread by myself to have it outside in the morning!
I was full just eating the “Morning Set”! At under 500 yen, it made me feel like I was travelling, and also it was yet 9 in the morning, which is a good part of getting up early, isn’t it?
Feeling satisfied, I strolled around the castle again and admired the scenery of cherry trees in leaf!
Of course, I can’t have luxurious morning like this every day but it would be nice to spend a morning like this sometimes.
I really recommend [#bestbreakfast] at Osaka Castle Park, you can feel the four seasons, do some exercise and also enjoy delicious bread!

Postscript ①..

I got so excited to see fresh baked “German sausage bread” for GB set, which you can find only at Osaka Castle Park branch, that I took a picture. Tempted by the words “Osaka Castle Park branch special”, and the smell of butter, I bought some to takeaway.
When I reheated it with my oven, the kitchen was filled with the smell of the rich butter! The lightly salted, soft and chewy bread goes really well with the thick sausage that you can probably find only in Germany. I’ll definitely get one again!

Postscript ②..

I also went to “Momoen (Peach garden)” on the jogging path around Osaka Castle. At the beginning of April, I could see beautiful red peach blossom. Apparently, there are 165 trees of 13 different types of peaches here at the moment.
■R Baker, Osaka Castle Park branch
Location: Osakajo 3-9, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, 540-0002
To get there: 1-minute walk from the exit “3-B” of Osaka Metro’s “Morinomiya” station
Tel: 06-6926-4950
Opening hours: Please refer to the website for the latest information.
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