2021/12/6[Updated 6th December 2021] About the status of recruitment of each sport

The status of recruitment of each sport is as of 6th December 2021 at 10:00 AM (JST) Please check the entry system for the latest information.
 (Updated once a week)

* For “Orienteering (Sprint)”, “Orienteering (Forest)” and “Weightlifting”, entries are not reopen because there are issues to be finalized. Please note that entries will be open as soon as things are finalized.
1 Archery
2 Athletics
3 Badminton
4 Baseball
5 Basketball
6 Canoeing
7 Cycling
8 Dancesports
9 Football
10 Flying disc
11 Gateball
12 Golf
13 Ground golf
14 Handball
15 Hockey
16 Judo
17 Karate
18 Lifesaving
19 Orienteering
20 Rowing
21 Rugby football
22 Sailing
23 Shooting
24 Softball
25 Soft tennis
26 Squash
27 Swimming
28 Table tennis
29 Taekwondo
30 Tennis
31 Tenpin Bowling
32 Triathlon
33 Tug-of-war
34 Volleyball
35 Weightlifting

About waiting list

If you wish to participate in a discipline (event) which has reached the upper limit of the competition capacity, we encourage you to register to the waiting list. When organiser reviews the upper limit and decided to recruit additional participants, the waiting list registrant will be preferentially notified by e-mail before the general announcement.
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