2021/1/20The WEB magazine to enjoy WMG and Kansai in 2022 to the fullest Launches on Wednesday, 20th January
~ Local × Sports WEB magazine, “SPORTS LOCALLY” ~

The organizing committee of the World Masters Games (WMG) 2021 Kansai is launching a WEB magazine, “SPORTS LOCALLY”. It’s about local attraction and sports.
We made “SPORTS LOCALLY” to introduce the passion for sports and sports culture of Kansai to the people coming from all over the world to participate in WMG, hoping that people will be interested in the region.
“I want to play sports after playing at WMG.”
“I want some energy food for tomorrow’s games.”
“I want to take my family to a spot related to sports, that’s unique to Japan.”

WMG2021 Kansai is postponed for one year; we would like to use this time to update you with the local information, hoping that you enjoy your stay in Kansai to the fullest when you are here.
The articles for “SPORTS LOCALLY” are written by reporters (PR volunteers) living in WMG host cities. The reporters have been selected from public. They will introduce you “Sports × 〇〇〇” that they are interested in, or not many people know by hitting the pavement.


We made this WEB magazine with hopes; make people and the community a little happier and a little more cheerful by gathering many topics ―town, gourmet, drinks, travel, people― related to sports, which only locals know. We want this WEB magazine to be the media to share personal and local point of view with people around the world.