2021/5/12Entry resumes from 13th May at 10:00 am (JST)

Organising Committee of the World Masters Games 2021 Kansai resumes entry from Thursday, 13th May 2021 at 10:00 am (JST).
The entry for new registrants has been suspended since 1st March 2021, due to works such as re-confirming intentions of participants who have already entered to the Games.

We will work toward the success of the Games and to disseminate lifelong Sports, together with the host municipalities, co-organisers, supporting organisations, competition organisations and other related organisations.

Date and time for resuming entry

The registration for competition and volunteer (individual) entries will resume on Thursday, 13th May 2021 at 10:00 am (JST).
The volunteer application (for individual, groups (2-5 people) and organisations (6 or more people)) by e-mail or mail to the Organising Committee or Local Organising Committee were kept open, and now we will resume individual volunteer entries at the above date and time as well.

For Competition

Sport to be resume entry at later dates

Entries for some Sport disciplines (following 3 Sports 4 Disciplines) cannot be resumed at the above date and time due to adjustment with Sport federations.
The entry for following Sports will be resumed as soon as the adjustment have finalized followed by Sport Information Guides announcement.

・Orienteering (Sprint / Forest)