Fukui Pref.(FUKUI)、Shiga Pref.(SHIGA)、Kyoto Pref.(KYOTO)、Osaka Pref.(OSAKA)、Hyogo Pref.(HYOGO)、Nara Pref.(NARA)、Wakayama Pref.(WAKAYAMA)、Tottori Pref.(TOTTORI)、Tokushima Pref.(TOKUSHIMA)、Kyoto City(Kyoto Pref.)(KYOTO CITY)、Osaka City(Osaka Pref.)(OSAKA CITY)、Sakai City(Osaka Pref.)(SAKAI CITY)、Kobe City(Hyogo Pref.)(KOBE CITY)

Kansai has long flourished as a center of history and culture. Surrounded by rich nature and its traditions still running deep to this day, it is the perfect area to experience Japanese traditional culture, delicious local cuisines and lush nature. Take a break from the games and explore the uniqueness of Kansai.

These plans offered for only a limited time are a must see! WORLD MASTERS GAMES 2021 KANSAI SPECIAL ACTIVITY PLANS
*Due to the postponement of the event, the registration has been suspended.

The very best of Kansai!
We offer a packed program for participants to enjoy Kansai to its fullest, including not only temples and shrines but also traditional culture, cuisine, and outdoor activities. Including periods before, after and between the games, enjoy this experience program exclusive to this region in 2021!

Fukui Pref.(FUKUI)

Wakasawada Beach
Wakasawada BeachA popular beach that boasts perfectly clear blue water and the first in Asia to receive the international environmental certification, Blue Flag.
Mt. Aoba
Mt. AobaMt Aoba is the symbol of Takahama and also known as Wakasa Fuji due to its beautiful shape.

Relish the cityscapes full of history and culture
and the blessings of the brave Sea of Japan.

Fukui Prefecture is a treasure trove of food, blessed with an abundance of food from its mountains, sea, and fields, including its brand of rice known as Ichihomare, ranked A+ for its flavor for two consecutive years, and high-grade brand of Japanese pufferfish, the king of pufferfish, known as Wakasafugu.
Furthermore, it has numerous places where you can experience ageless historical and cultural attractions, including the world’s largest dinosaur museum and Eihei-ji Temple, one of the main temples of the Soto school of Zen Buddhism.
We encourage you to visit Fukui Prefecture and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Activities & Events for the WMG Period Season
  • * We will inform you as soon as it is decided

Click here for Fukui Prefecture tourism information


The Japanese pufferfish from Wakasa Port are eaten under the brand name Wakasafugu and are characterized by a tender texture caused by temperature differences and rough waves in the Sea of Japan causing them to expand and tighten often.
There are beach cafes along Wakasawada Beach that serve delicious Wakasafugu Tempura and Carpaccio even in summer with that same texture.

Where can you eat them?
Café & Rum Bar FAMILIAR
Fukui, Oi District, Takahama, Wada, 110-26-3

World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI Special activity plans

Takahama Fukui Japanese culture Sumi Art Workshop

Suminagashi, which means "floating ink" in Japanese, is a traditional form of paper marbling that has been passed down since ancient times. In this Art workshop, participants can experience the harmony between Suminagashi and Japanese calligraphy.
A unique pattern is created by dropping inks onto the surface of the water and then a sheet of washi paper is carefully laid onto the water surface to capture the floating design.
The artist can use subtle techniques to stir the colors in order to create their desired pattern, but as the inks are floating on water, the final pattern is created with an element of chance, resulting in a completely unique design that can never be duplicated.
To complete your unique piece of work, you can choose one of your favorite Japanese characters to complement your beautiful design. Experience the beauty of Japanese culture through Sumi (Japanese ink).

Coming Soon

Fukui Takahama Beach Activity Feel the ocean through BEACH YOGA.

  1. Start your day with a morning yoga class on our beautiful BLUE FLAG beach.
  2. All levels welcome so you can go at your own pace.
  3. Refresh your mind, body and soul with a yoga and meditation experience.
Coming Soon

Competition List

City/Town Sport
Takahama Town Lifesaving Wakasawada Beach

Shiga Pref.(SHIGA)

National Treasure – Hikone Castle (Hikone)
National Treasure – Hikone Castle (Hikone)A national treasure, Hikone Castle remains as pronounced as it was when it was built. Lake Biwa can be seen from its keep.
Metasequoia Namiki (Takashima)
Metasequoia Namiki (Takashima)A road lined with approximately 500 Metasequoia trees spanning a total of 2.4km.
It has gained popularity as a photo spot due to how the trees change from season to season.
Enryakuji, Mt. Hiei (Otsu)
Enryakuji, Mt. Hiei (Otsu)Enryakuji on Mt. Hiei is registered as a World Heritage Site.
As the head temple of the Tendai sect, while of course, you can visit the temple itself, you can also enjoy a nature walk around the temple.

A breather amongst rich nature and ageless historyShiga / Lake Biwa

Lake Biwa, brimming with water. Surrounded by a deep green mountain range. A quiet appearance of a historical heritage built by its predecessors. Shiga Prefecture has long cultivated rich, aesthetic sentiments and created profound cultures.
History, culture, nature, food… Experience the deep charms Shiga’s predecessors cultivated and handed down with Lake Biwa at the center.

Activities & Events for the WMG Period Season
  • * We will inform you as soon as it is decided

Click here for Shiga Prefecture tourism information

Omi beef
Omi beef

Omi beef is one of Japan’s best three kinds of Japanese beef. With its fine, soft fleshiness and high degree of marbling, you will never forget the melting deliciousness once you put it in your mouth.

Where can you eat them?
Can be found in Japanese pubs, restaurants, and hotels in all regions in the prefecture

World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI Special activity plans

Enjoy Lake Biwa Cruising, Hikone Castle and Ohmi Beef

Hikone Catle, one of the National Treasure.
Enjoying the lake cruise around Lake Biwa.
Having lunch of Ohmi Beef, one of the three finest Japanese beef varieties.
Tasting some local Sake.

Coming Soon

彦Hikone Romantic Walk ~Wearing Hakama and Tasting Japanese Tea~

Try wearing "Hakama," Japanese traditional clothes.
Taking a walk through the Castle Town with the Hakama on.
Tasting some organic Japanese local green tea.

Coming Soon

Tasting of Local Sake of Shiga at Japanese Standing Bar

Tasting some local Sake at the japanese old fashion style standing bar.
You can try some local Sake of Shiga, which has a lot of unique brand and breweries.
There are some furnishings like tables which are made of wood that was used for Sake casks, so you can feel the atmosphere of the Sake breweries in the shop.

Coming Soon

Take a walk in Nakasendo Moriyamajuku with a professional guide!
Making Kaeribina doll and Japanese sweet

  • For about an hour, take a walk around the charming cityscape of Nakasendo Moriyamajuku with a professional guide.
  • At Unoke, make a Kaeribina doll to protect women.
  • Then, challenge to make Japanese sweets with an emphasis on seasonality and tradition!
Coming Soon

Don't miss it! the experience of making Japenese traditonal kate

Seeing the 100-Tatami giant kite and the wold kites.
Seeing Japanese kite drawn a samurai and the seen of battle.
Making Japanese kite and decorating it as interior in your house.
Presenting you a tenugui (Japanese tawel) as souveneir which is one of the traditional Japanese fabric.

Coming Soon

Make glass cups and Furin (Japanese wind chimes) with blown glass.

You can make a glass cup or a Furin yourself.
No worries as the staff will help you together.
You can also shop handmade glasswares.
We support, so even small children can try with confidennce.
We usually hold blown glass classes.

Coming Soon

Strawberry Picking. You can pick as many sweet strawberries as you like in 30 min.

You can eat as many as you like in 30 minutes.
We grow all strawberries using organic fartilizer.
Our elevated cultivation let you pick easily.
We are fully equipped with restroom.
We welcome strollers and wheelchair visits.

Coming Soon

Strawberry picking experience

The strawberry picking plan which a brand strawberry"honeystrawberry "of Kusatsu-shi,Shiga can eat as much as desired for 30 minutes.
I can enjoy it without minding weather as a house is inner.
Own strawberry which I harvested by hand is particular.
Corona infectious disease measures I set a limit in three sets or ten or less between at the same time in a house of 100m.

Coming Soon

Ascetic practice work shop in Hieizan (Zazen, Sutra copying, etc.)

  1. You can choose either Sutra copying or Zazen meditation experienses. The priest will give a sermon to the both courses.
  2. We'll have a question and answer session at the end.
  3. A course: Konpon Chu-do (the largest central hall) Tour +Sutra copying+Priest's sermon+Q&A (120 minutes)
  4. B course: Konpon Chu-do (the largest central hall) Tour+Zezen meditation+Priest's sermon+Q&A (120 minutes)
Coming Soon

Zazen Experience in Miidera Temple and Take a stroll around a Tokaido post town

  1. You can experience "Zazen" meditation in Miidera Temple, just inland from Lake Biwa.
  2. This course goes around Otsu-juku, the 53th post town of the 53 stations of the Tokaido.
  3. Sake tasting tour at local brewery, which has been producing sake for over 300 years.
  4. It is an experience of playing traditional Japanese musical instruments used for the local fastival.
Coming Soon

Experience "Karuta"

  1. It is an experience of making a "Karuta" card at Omi Jingu Shrine.
  2. "Karuta" is one of the traditional Japanese games such as "Shogi" and "Igo".
  3. We will teach how to make "Karuta" cards used in a competition.
  4. You can experience wearing a "Hakama" (formal attire for Karuta players).
Coming Soon

[Nagahama, Shiga] Brewery Town of Kinomoto: Half-Day Walking Tour

Visit a charming old brewery town retaining much of its historical charm.
Our profession tour guide will lead you through the town on our walking tour including 2 very old sake breweries, as well as a traditional soy sauce brewery.
Brewery staff can give us a look behind the storefront into the brewing area as well as sample tasting.
The town also features a variety of other local shops to browse including Japanese sweets shops, as well as a unique temple that is worth exploring.

Coming Soon

Sandblasting (cup) making experience & Nagahama walk

Glass making experience in Kurokabe Square, a popular tourist spot in Nagahama, where you can see old town houses and retro buildings along the Hokkoku Kaido. Draw your favorite pictures and letters on masking sheets and paste them on the cups. Afterwards, the staff will spray sand at high pressure to complete the process. It is a 5-minute walk from JR Nagahama Station and a 10-minute drive from the Nagahama Interchange. After the experience, you can use the Nagahama Romantic Passport to tour Nagahama's famous spots. A guide is provided.

Coming Soon

Stained Glass [Photo Frame] Making Experience & Nagahama Stroll

Glass making experience in Kurokabe Square, a popular tourist spot in Nagahama, where you can see old town houses and retro buildings along the Kitakuni Highway. Selecting and combining colors of glass is the key. It is a 5-minute walk from JR Nagahama Station and a 10-minute drive from the Nagahama Interchange. After the experience, you can use the Nagahama Romantic Passport to tour Nagahama's famous sights. A guide is provided.

Coming Soon

Biwako SUP Experience

  1. Shiga is a treasuretrove of nature! Make the most of your SUP experience on Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan.
  2. Enjoy the slow flow of time while admiring nature on the clear, high-quality water of Kosei Makino, and walk the Mother Lake's shore with our instructors.
  3. At a convenient 5-minute walk from the station!
Coming Soon

Shower climbing

  1. An exhilarating activity that will give you a sense of achievement.
  2. Zero Gravity Shower Climbing (Zero Shower) is not a common walking tour. Using a harness (safety belt) and a rope, you will climb a waterfall as you look up into it.
  3. (Every participant is insured.) A native English guide is available with advance reservations.
Coming Soon

Rock climbing

  1. Climb up while looking down at Lake Biwa!
  2. You will get a sense of accomplishment that cannot be achieved indoors.
  3. We have a course for beginners, too.
  4. During the tour, you will be secured with a rope. It may even be safer than everyday life!
  5. (Every participant is insured.) A native English guide is available with advance reservations.
Coming Soon

Competition List

City/Town Sport
Otsu City Canoe
(Dragon Boat)
Biwako Motor Boat Racing Course
(Biwako Rowing Center)
Hikone City Athletics
(10km Road Race)
Hikone 10km Road Course
Kusatsu City Softball Kusatsu Green Stadium
Yabase Kihan Island Park
Moriyama City Baseball
(Rubber Baseball)
Moriyama City Sports Park Baseball Field
Softball Moriyama City Sports Park, Moriyama Citizens Baseball Stadium and Softball Stadium
Maibara City Hockey OSP Hockey Stadium
(Ibuki Sports Ground)
Maibara City 1st Ground
Higashiomi City Baseball
(Rubber Baseball)
Higashiomi Koto Stadium
Higashiomi Okunono Sports Park
Higashiomi Nagayama Park
Softball Higashiomi general athletic playground
(Nunobiki Multipurpose Ground)
Higashiomi Nagayama Park

Kyoto Pref.(KYOTO)

Miyama Kayabuki-no-Sato
Miyama Kayabuki-no-SatoThe rows of thatched-roof houses on tiered land is truly a Japanese original landscape.
Yuhigaura Beach
Yuhigaura BeachYuhigaura has been designated as one of Japan’s most beautiful sunsets.
There are also many hot springs in the area where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

“Sea” “Forests” “Tea”
Kyoto, overflowing with beautiful nature

Kyoto, one of Japan’s ancient capitals, has kept alive its history and traditions.
Throw yourself into beautiful nature and good old-fashioned culture,
and feel the true spirit of Japan.

Activities & Events for the WMG Period Season
  • * We will inform you as soon as it is decided

Click here for Kyoto Prefecture tourism information

Tango Barazushi
Tango Barazushi

Tango Barazushi, a unique local cuisine only available in Kyoto’s Tango region, is characterized by its topping of salty-sweet, boiled minced mackerel.
It comes served in a shallow wooden box and is truly a work of art among barazushi as it is as nice to look at as it is delicious.

Where can you eat them?
Available at Michi no Eki (roadside stations), grocery stores, restaurants, Japanese inns, etc. in Kyotango

Competition List

City/Town Sport
Fukuchiyama City Soft Tennis Sandanike Park Tennis Court
Uji City Flying Disc
Kyoto Prefectural Yamashiro Sports Park
Kyotanabe City Handball Tanabe Central Gymnasium(Tanabe Venue)
Kyoto Prefectural Yamashiro Sports Park Gymnasium(Uji Venue)
Kyotango City Canoe
(Marathon, SUP, Dragon Boat)
Kumihama Bay Canoe Stadium
Nantan City Triathlon
Nantan City Oigawa Park
Wazuka Town Cycling
(Mountain Bike)
Yubune MTB Land
Kyotamba Town Gateball Kyoto Tamba Park

Osaka Pref.(OSAKA)

Night view from Higashiosaka City Hall’s 22F Observation Lobby
Night view from Higashiosaka City Hall’s 22F Observation LobbyRecognized as a Night View Heritage of Japan, you can enjoy a beautiful night view of central Osaka and the distinctive junctions sprawling from below.
Kishiwada Castle
Kishiwada CastleWith easy access, just 15 minutes by car from Kansai International Airport, this is a castle with a castle tower. Kishiwada Castle garden, Hachijin no Niwa, is registered as a designated national scenic beauty.
Tarui Southern Beach
Tarui Southern BeachA ten-minute walk from Nankai Tarui Station. Located on the shore opposite Kansai International Airport, the beach is designated as one of Japan’s most beautiful sunsets along with the neighboring “Lover’s Sanctuary,” Sennan Marble Beach.

Not just for fun.
This is the real Osaka.
It’s time to experience everything Osaka has to offer!

Osaka is the economic center of western Japan and a domestic and international gateway with Kansai International Airport, Osaka International Airport and the Port of Osaka.
Known as the “water capital” due to its surrounding rivers, Osaka’s economy and culture developed thanks to its waterways. Osaka is also known as an epicurean city, its okonomiyaki, takoyaki, deep-fried skewers, and udon noodles are highly recommended.

Activities & Events for the WMG Period Season
  • * We will inform you as soon as it is decided

Click here for Osaka Prefecture tourism information


Shrimp, fish fillet and rice seasoned with vinegar is placed into a wooden box, pressed, then taken out and cut into bite-sized pieces.

Where can you eat them?
■TASTE OSAKA(A search engine for restaurants with foreign language menus.)

World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI Special activity plans

Japanese sweets & Tea ceremony experience ~Japanese culture in Hanazono Rugby Stadium~

Special room that became Rugby World Cup venue stadium.
Enjoying Japanese culture in special room with a nice view.
Receiving a lecture with Tea ceremony by experts.
Eating Japanese sweets and drinking japanese "Green tea".

Coming Soon

Medal production ~Cerebrating special person with original medals~

Stadium that became Rugby World Cup venue.
Manufacturing experience.
Mold processing and Plating.
Unique experience in "town of manufacturing" Higashiosaka.
Cerebrating with your special person.

Coming Soon

Competition List

City/Town Sport
Kishiwada City Cycling
Cyclepia Kishiwada BMX Course
Higashiosaka City Rugby Higashiosaka City Hanazono Rugby Stadium(Ground No.1,No.2 and No.3)
Sennan City Swimming
(Open Water)
Tarui Southern Beach

Hyogo Pref.(HYOGO)

Himeji Castle(Himeji)
Himeji Castle(Himeji)
Sasayama Castle Oshoin (Tamba-Sasayama)
Sasayama Castle Oshoin (Tamba-Sasayama)Sasayama Castle was built by order of Ieyasu Tokugawa. While Oshoin, once used for official functions, was burned down in 1944, it was reconstructed in 1989 in a way that looks exactly like the original.
Sumoto Castle (Sumoto)
Sumoto Castle (Sumoto)Sumoto Castle was built as a vital point adjacent to the Port of Osaka to look out over the Seto Inland Sea from Awaji Island.
It provides a superb view of the Kitan Channel from its keep.

Hyogo Prefecture, the province of great castles.
A tour of 22 castles designated as national historic sites, the most of any Japanese prefecture.

Facing the Sea of Japan in the north and the Seto Inland Sea in the south, Hyogo Prefecture is a region that has everything. From cityscapes to beautiful nature, it is sometimes referred to as “miniature Japan.” Hyogo Prefecture is comprised of the five former nations of Settsu, Harima, Tajima, Tamba, and Awaji, and boasts wonderful local cultures and natural features native to these five regions, including nature, industry, art, culture, history, human figures, specialty products, and food.
Most famous for its World Heritage Site designated Himeji Castle, we urge you to enjoy the uniqueness of Hyogo Prefecture’s 1,000+ castle ruins and 22 castles designated as national historic sites.

Activities & Events for the WMG Period Season
  • * We will inform you as soon as it is decided

Click here for Hyogo Prefecture tourism information

Choice Japanese Sake
(General Foundation Kobe Tourism Bureau)
Choice Japanese Sake

Hyogo Prefecture has nine sake brewers' associations in each of its regions and approximately 70 sake breweries and boasts the highest sake production in Japan. Due to the different climates in each region, each of the regions and breweries offer a variety of sake flavors.

Where can you drink them?
Available at sake breweries, Japanese pubs, etc. in every region of the prefecture

World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI Special activity plans

Sake brewery tour at birthPlace of Sake

Sake brewery tour.
Fermented food lunch.
Making Sake-masu (Square wooden measuring cup).
Warship at shrine.

Coming Soon

Serene Satoyama Experience

Admire the beauty and nature of the Japanese countryside.
Enjoy a healthy and locally produced vegeterian lunch.
Meet and interact with the locals and nature.

Coming Soon

Explore and Create Traditional Soy Sauce

Tour and learn about traditional soy sauce production.
Freshly press and bring home your own bottle of soy sauce.
Enjoy a delicious lunch paired with freshly made soy sauce.

Coming Soon

【Kamikawa town,Hyogo prefecture】Senrei Tea Picking Experience

You will visit historical, massive and chemical-free geren tea gardens with a experientially local guide who can speak English all the way.
You can pick tea‐leaves and drink your original tea.
While you dirink a cup of green-tea and eat lunch used for local foods, you can see nice scenery that is same one since 300 years ago. Especially, May is the best season to pick tea-leaves.
You can relax and spend unusual times in "The Blue World" and "The Green world".

Coming Soon

Sake Bottling Experience

Learn about the tradition and history of Japanese sake.
Create and bring home a personal bottle of sake.
Enjoy a sake tasting and pairing coordinated by a sake expert.

Coming Soon

【Kamikawa town,Hyogo prefecture】Yukata and Japanese green tea Experience

You can have an experience of drinking Japanese green tea with Yukata at Mineyama Kogen that is cool even in summer.
After arrive at Hotel RelaXia, you are possible to wear a Yukata and drink Japanese green tea at Japanese-style room in the hotel.
When the Japanese-style rooms are fullly booked , the place will be the restaurant in the hotel.
After the experience of drinking Japanse green tea, you can walk around the hotel and take photos with Yukata.
Mineyama Kogen Hotel is famous in the location of the film "Norweigian Wood".The original story of the film was written by Haruki Murakami. There are many fans all over the world about tne story. You can feel the unusual atmosphere.

Coming Soon

【Kamikawa town,Hyogo prefecture】Cooking Soba Experience

You can have an experience of cooking Soba at Kotton-tei.There is a big water Mill.
After the cook,you can eat flesh Soba which you cook.
We serve the local dishes, deep-fried venisons are called "Zibie" only a limited period of time.
You can eat the others when you do not like eating the dishes which we serve. (Forexample, deep-freid vegetables etc….)

Coming Soon



2019年に就航した小型遊覧船「かすみ海上GEO TAXI」に乗って香住海岸をクルージング!地元漁師の魚や海岸のトークは、他では真似できない”ほんもの”を語ります。宿では、その日漁港から仕入れた旬の魚を舟盛りにし、女将の指導で10種の寿司づくりを楽しみます。翌朝、19隻の船が水揚げする漁港でベテランの技が光るセリを見学できる漁師の町満喫プランです。

Coming Soon

[Kami-cho] Experience of enjoying rural farm life with farmers in Japan's most beautiful village (2 days and 1 night)

Experience planting rice fields with farmers wearing farmer's costumes in rice terraces selected as one of Japan's 100 best rice terraces.
Local elderly people will teach you to make mochi(rice cakes) with old tools, and you will enjoy flowing somen, with bamboo gutter.
Do you know, the roots of All Japan's Kuroge Wagyu beef, such as Kobe beef and Matsusaka beef, are from here. You will enjoy "Tajima beef" is grilled for dinner as "sukiyaki" and served with roast beef.
After planting rice, take a hot spring bath and relax .After dinner,enjoy going on a local bar and karaoke. (Participation at any actual cost)
The entire experience area is certified as one of the most beautiful villages in Japan. See the rare waterfall "Yoshi-taki" where you can see the waterfall from the back side.
It takes about two and a half hours from JR Osaka Station to the meeting place (JR Yoka Station) by the "Limited Express" . We will pick you up at the station.

Coming Soon

[Kami-cho] Enjoy to make the mountain experience to the fullest.You can get to know the mountains of Japan and take the wild vegetables in the mountains. (2 days and 1 night)

There are a lot of wild vegetables growing here in May. Harvest a variety of wild vegetables together with the guide and the owner of the inn who knows about the mountain very well.
Eating wild vegetables in spring is wisdom from ancient times in Japan. Eat polyphenols and mineral-rich wild vegetables and drain fat and waste with detox effect.
You will cook the wild vegetables you picked with the owner of the inn. They will teach you the specialty dish of each inn.
Let's take a walk at Tajima Kogen Botanical Garden with an area of 17 ha. Inside, there is a huge Japanese Judas tree of 16m around the trunk, 38m high, and 1000 years old standing in the primeval forest.
It is said that the Japanese Judas tree collects water from the roots, and from the roots of this giant tree, 5000 tons of sterile water springs a daily weight. (It is one of Japan's 100 best waters, it is the third beautiful tree in Japan)
It takes about two and a half hours from JR Osaka Station to the meeting place (JR Yoka Station) by the "Limited Express". We will pick you up at the station.

Coming Soon


  • The owner of the wine shop, Claudio is a Italian certified sommelier (WSET level 3) and a wine instructor for Italian wines. (fluent in English, French, German & Japanese)
  • This wine tasting is the best way to discover natural wines with an English-speaking wine expert.
  • During 2 hours, you will discover what "natural wine" is and taste 5 excellent natural wines: 1 sparkling, 1 white wine, 1 orange wine, 1 red wine, 1 Japanese natural wine.
  • You will also learn how to taste wine like a real wine expert.
  • This wine tasting takes place in small groups of maximum 8 people in a beautiful place located in countryside bamboo forest.
  • After the event you will receive the CORVINO-designed wine bag made from Banshu-Ori Cotton as souvenir.
Coming Soon

Enjoying Japanese sake and making sugidama (a cedar ball)

  • You are invited to make a “sugidama (an ornamental ball made with cedar leaves)”, which is closely related to sake.
  • This sugidama (a cedar ball) comes in a small size so it is ideal for a souvenir!
  • Sake rice farmers themselves will guide you on the cultures about rice paddy, rice and sake.
  • In the end of the tour, everyone toasts with sake or amazake (a sweet drink made from fermented rice)!
Coming Soon

Experience Karate in Kasai City!

  • The director of our Karate School, who has 44 years of karate experience, will give you complete guidance directly!
  • Participants will experience the basics of karate and challenge breaking (itawari, or breaking plates)!
  • You can see the basic skills, or kata, of karate and breaking nearby!
  • We will provide you a karate clothes to take pictures in!
  • After the experience, you can enjoy your stay at the dojo (this karate school)!
Coming Soon

workshop to make a kimono silk drawstring bag

The building has kimono rental store and kimono store and guesthouse.
We have a lot of kimono can choose your favorite kimono fabric.
It is a valuavle experience to have a workshop surrounded by kimono.
Use a needle and thread to make a drawstring bag by hand sewing.

Coming Soon

ninja experience in himeji castle

  • Throwing shuriken.
  • Chambara.
  • Ninja basics teaching.
Coming Soon

【Himeji】Make a Japanese Sweets in 40 minutes 【Culture】

Experience in the heart of Himeji.
Learn from well trained Meister.
Can taste your sweets with Green Tea (opptional).

Coming Soon

Komodaru (Traditional Japanese styled decorative barrel) factory Tour (Experience for breaking Kagamibiraki served with a souvenir)

Kagamibiraki is an essential part of celebrations and other festive occasions as a typical symbol of Japanese sake culture. The factory has been producing the Komodaru used for the Kagamibiraki from 120 years ago. The craftsmen have been making it one by one with their greatest possible cares by hands even today.
You can learn the history of the Japanese traditional industry (Komodaru).
You can see the craftsmanship in the process until the Komodaru is putting out nearby the craftsmen!
Kagamibiraki experience and the sake tasting provided! (served in 180ml (approx.6 fl.oz) cup)
You can make an original Komodaru on your own!
Really close to Amagasaki from the center of Osaka!

Coming Soon

Experience Japan in Amagasaki. In about an hour, you can make a food sample that looks exactly like the real thing.
Would you like to make a food sample with an experienced teacher?

Food samples that have evolved uniquely in Japan.
How are food samples that look like edible foods made in the shop window of a restaurant before they enter the store?
This is a program where you can experience making colorful desserts and drinks with free toppings by combining food parts made of resin.

  • Okonomiyaki key chain that looks exactly like the real thing using a hot plate.
  • Oh mysterious! Yogurt ice cream with a floating spoon that looks like you're holding it in your hand.
  • Feel free to use paper weights, pen stands, memo clips, and food samples. (Cannot eat)
Coming Soon

Making only one demon roof tile in the world made with Japanese roof tiles, and experience for gulilled meals by roof tile

You can make miniature demon roof tiles at a Japanese roof tile factory and enjoy the only gulilled meals by roof tile in the world.
There is a roof tile theme park with a restaurant where you can visit the roof tile factory and experience making the roof tile.
Meal experience, painting of demon roof tile, visiting the factory.

Coming Soon

Watch Ningyo-Joruri and experience for puppet manipulate, Tayu and shamisen

Watch Ningyo Joruri at the only theater dedicated to Ningyo Joruri in Japan.
There is a special performances for fun plays that are not usually performed.
Visit for the backstage and experience for puppet manipulate, Tayu and shamisen.

Coming Soon

Sea kayaking overlooking Naruto Strait, open sea tour

The Naruto Strait seen from the open point of Setouchi National Park “Fukura Bay” is a superb view. You can enjoy the seasonal scenery.
Spending time in the open ocean, you can enjoy the luxurious time given only by the experience.
Let's enjoy "sea" of Awaji Island with family and group!
Member of Japan Safety Canoeing Association (JSCA).
JSCA member guide will guide you to the attractions and fun of "Fukura Bay".

Coming Soon

Competition List

City/Town Sport
Kobe City Swimming
Kobe Port Island Sports Center
Himeji City Taekwondo Hyogo Prefectural Budokan
Amagasaki City Swimming
(Water Polo)
Amagasaki Sports Forest
(Artistic Swimming)
Miki City Tennis Bourbon Beans Dome
Kasai City Tennis Aono Sports Park Aono Tennis Club
Yabu City Orienteering
Hachi Highland
Sugigasawa Highland
Minami Awaji City Volleyball
(Beach Volleyball)
Keinomatsubara Beach Volley Court
Kamikawa Town Orienteering
Mineyama Highland
Kami Town Orienteering
Hachikita Highland
Uwano Highland
Shiso City Canoe
Onzui Lake Canoe Course
(Okayama City, Okayama Pref.) Shooting
Okayama Clay Target Shooting Range

Nara Pref.(NARA)

Nara Park
Nara ParkNara Park, represented by the Big Buddha, green and deer, could be said to be the face of ancient Nara.
Kimpusen-jiThe entirety of Mt. Yoshino is registered as a World Heritage Site. The symbolic Kimpusen-ji is the head temple of the Shugendo sect of Buddhism.

A moment of soothing in the ancient capital of Nara.

Experience Japan’s beginnings as a country in the ancient capital of Nara, a city that boasts roughly 1,300 years of history.
Nara Prefecture has three World Heritage Sites, including “Buddhist Monuments in the Horyu-ji Area,” the first recorded World Heritage Site in Japan, “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara,” which includes Todai-ji and Yakushi-ji, and “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range,” which spans the prefectures of Nara, Mie, and Wakayama. Many national treasures, important cultural properties and traditional events have been passed down through the generations and continued since ancient times.
Nara Prefecture is overflowing with a variety of attractions, with landscapes brimming with lush nature, historical ruins that feel like ancient Rome, and townscapes that harmonize modern and old.
Welcome to Nara, the origin of Japan, the perfect place to relax and soothe your body and soul.

Activities & Events for the WMG Period Season
  • * We will inform you as soon as it is decided

Click here for Nara Prefecture tourism information

Nara’s Local Brew [Japanese Sake]
Nara’s Local Brew [Japanese Sake]

Said to have the perfect land for brewing Japanese sake, people of Nara have been brewing sake at shrines and temples since long ago.
One of the most well-known of Nara’s sake was called “Soboshu” and was brewed in vast quantities using rice grown in lords’ manors. Even today, there are numerous sake breweries and you can enjoy a wide range of Japanese sake.

Where can you drink them?
Available in all regions of the prefecture

World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI Special activity plans

Umenoyado Sake Tasting and Sake Kasu Packing Experience.

In addition to tasting Japanese sake, liquor, and tasting water, there will also be lecture on the method for packing sake kasu on your face. Includes an original “choko” cup as a souvenir.

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Kehaya-za Sumo Hall Sumo Experience

A sumo experience program where sumo first began, in Katsuragi City, Nara.
After the traditional jinku songs from the Kehaya Jinku Group, seeing an amateur sumo bout and learning about the etiquette of the ring, step up into the ring and enjoy a bout with a real sumo wrestler.

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Taima-dera Temple Naka-no-bo Special Prayer to Main Image of Kannon, Observing Replication of Sliding Door Pictures (includes matcha tea and a rope amulet)

After visiting the main image of Kannon in the Teihatsu Hall, we pass through the beautiful garden and proceed to the drawing room.
In the drawing room, you will be able to see the 28 pictures on sliding doors, drawn 400 years ago by Taima-dera Temple Naka-no-bo’s Soga Nichokuan. You will see the skills of professional artists reproducing these works, with an explanation from the head of the temple.
They will of course explain the pictures, along with a detailed explanation of the history of Naka-no-bo.
After seeing the pictures, you will have a chance to taste some matcha tea.

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Hiking Adventure in Mt. Kasuga Primeval Forest

Hiking tour in Mt. Kasuga Primeval Forest, surrounded by beautiful nature, various plants and animals, and amazing picturesque views.
Mt. Kasuga Primeval Forest is located in the main area of Nara City and very close to Nara Park.
It has remained untouched for thousands of years and has been carefully protected as the sacred forest of the Kasugataisha Shrine. There are over 800 types of trees, wild animals, rare birds and insects.

Takisaka-no-Michi path, one of the famous hiking courses in the forest, passes a waterfall and small caves carved with Buddha figures. It is said to be a training path for monks in Nara and you can see the objects of faith along the way.

The path leads to Yagyu Village known as the birthplace of the Yagyu Shinkage School of swordsmanship. The statue of Kubikiri Jizo appears along the way. It has been sliced at the neck by a sword. According to folklore, it was used by the master swordsman to test his blade.

Please feel our history and culture in the Primeval Forest and enjoy a rare opportunity with a professional guide!

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Cycling Tour in Ancient Asuka

Visiting nature, everyday life in a satoyama settlement, and historical sites.
This is a 3-hour cycling tour visiting nature, everyday life in a satoyama settlement, and historical sites.
How about soaking yourself in the a nostalgic atmosphere of ancient Asuka, where the whole village is protected by the Ancient Capitals Preservation Law.

A local instructor will take you around Asuka Village by bicycle at a leisurely pace.
Even if it is your first visit to Asuka, they say you’ll feel nostalgic somehow, and foreign visitors are no exception.
It may be because the historical and cultural assets, together with its surrounding nature, have been cherished for a long time and protected by the Ancient Capitals Preservation Law.
During the tour, you’ll enjoy solving the mysteries of ancient tombs and ancient stone structures; imagining the ancient city of 1,400 years ago; and strolling along beautiful terraced rice fields that are beyond description.
You’ll also visit and see everyday life in the country side with peaceful views of the satoyama settlement. This cycling tour offers you exquisite experiences; seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking, and imagining.
Why don’t you enjoy a cycling tour while greeting local villagers and communicating with them along the way?

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Yoshino Town Forest Therapy Experience

  • The health benefits of this experience are scientifically verified!
  • Leisurely walk for 3-7 kilometers and experience various Forest Therapy activities (forest walking, meditation, breath exercises, and more).
  • Yoshino Town has the only certified Forest Therapy program in Nara!
  • Receive guidance from instructors who know the Yoshino area very well!
  • 2 courses to choose from: the "Yoshino and Miyataki Man'yo Course" or the "Shinsenkyo Gorge and Ryumon-no-sato Course".
  • Half day courses (3 hours) or full day courses (6 hours) are both available.
  • A full day course includes a bento lunch made from local ingredients with a high emphasis on nutritional balance!
  • Available in English!
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Yoshinoyama Yamabushi Costume Experience

  • Rent and dress up in traditional Yamabushi attire in Yoshinoyama, a sacred base for Shugendo practices.
  • Receive direct instruction on how to wear the costume appropriately.
  • Although these costumes are authentic, please refrain from attempting to do any real yamabushi training while wearing them!
  • Availability of costumes is limited to 1 group per day!
  • Available in English!
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Goshuin Stamp Book Experience

  • ・Experience making a handmade goshuin stamp book in a temple in Yoshino!
  • Select your favorite pattern from many fabrics!
  • Create your own original goshuin stamp book!
  • Receive a special stamp made from golden ink!
  • Available in English!
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Competition List

City/Town Sport
Katsuragi City Tug of War Shinjo Kenmin Athletic Field 1
Kashiba City Kashiba City General Gymnasium
Yoshino Town Canoe
Tsuburo Lake Canoe Stadium

Wakayama Pref.(WAKAYAMA)

Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Routes
Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Routes
Koyasan-a Mountain of Temples
Koyasan-a Mountain of Temples
Nanki Shirahama - Hot spring resorts
Nanki Shirahama - Hot spring resorts

Visit Wakayama
~The Spiritual Heart of Japan~

Wakayama faces the Pacific Ocean and occupies a large slice of the Kii peninsula. The prefecture is part of the Kansai region, which includes Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto. The prefectural capital is Wakayama City and is just one hour from Osaka by train, and 45 minutes from Kansai International Airport (KIX). Inland Wakayama is dominated by the Kii mountains, home to World Heritage ancient pilgrimage routes, sacred shrines, and mountaintop temples. Along the 600-kilometre coastline, there are world-class beaches, hot spring resorts, and fantastic ocean views.

Activities & Events for the WMG Period Season
  • * We will inform you as soon as it is decided

Click here for Wakayama Prefecture tourism information


Wakayama is bursting with fruit farms, and many offer fruitpicking experiences. Pick fruit that is fresh and seasonal, including mikan mandarin oranges, peaches, grapes, strawberries and melons.
【Flavors of Wakayama】

World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI Special activity plans

Antique costume wearing experience (Japanese Armor/Ninja)

You can try on Japanese armors and ninja outfits.
You can wear it in the Wakayama Castle, take a walk in the castle tower, etc.
You can wear it for maximum of 3 hours, so you will have enough time to take pictures.
You can enjoy the feeling of becoming just like a real ninja or a Sengoku war lord.
Admission ticket for the castle tower included !

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Kada Buggy Experience

Explore the streets of Kada City while riding the buggy.
You can feel the sea, mountains and history of Kada.
The observation platform of Kyukamura Kishu Kada provides an all-round view of Kada City and Tomogashima.

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Competition List

City/Town Sport
Wakayama City Dance Sports Wakayama Big Wave
Wakayama Sailing Center
Wakayama Big Whale
Wakayama Big Wave
Wakayama Prefectural Gymnasium
Wakayama Municipal Kanan Gymnasium
Kainan City Shooting
Wakayama Rifle Shooting Range
Tanabe City Athletics
Tanabe Sports Park
Kamitonda Town Athletics
(Half Marathon)
Kishu Kuchikumano Marathon Course

Tottori Pref.(TOTTORI)

Tottori Sand Dunes
Tottori Sand DunesWe recommend doing activities like paragliding or visiting The Sand Museum which exhibits sand sculptures!
Kaike Onsen and Daisen
Kaike Onsen and DaisenAs well as Kaike Onsen, which has beautifying effects on the skin, enrich your time with city walks or martial arts experiences.
Kurayoshi White Wall Warehouses
Kurayoshi White Wall WarehousesGo on a relaxing walk along the white wall warehouses by the old town’s river and feel the flow of time itself.

From vast dunes and great mountains to healing hot springs
Introducing the charms of Tottori.

Tottori Prefecture offers a variety of attractions such as the Global Geopark certified Sand Dunes, Kurayoshi White Wall Warehouses, and a fishing port famous in Japan as a sacred place for yokai. You can also enjoy spa luxury at Tottori’s famous onsen (hot springs), including Kaike Onsen, Hawai Onsen, Togo Onsen, and Misasa Onsen. It is also the perfect place for stargazing. If you go to the outskirts, you can see the Milky Way and shooting stars to your heart’s content.
Its cuisine is yet another reason to appreciate Tottori, with crab from its rich sea and pear and watermelon from its rich mountains.
We encourage you to visit Tottori and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Activities & Events for the WMG Period Season
  • * We will inform you as soon as it is decided

Click here for Tottori Prefecture tourism information

Red Snow Crab
Red Snow Crab

While we recommend trying boiled crab, fried crab and crab hotpot, crab gratin and deep-fried crab claw meat are also very tasty ways to enjoy this crab.

Where can you eat them?
Available at Japanese pubs and restaurants throughout the prefecture

World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI Special activity plans





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  • 広大な砂丘と海を見ながら、サンドボードを楽しもう。
  • 斜度30度の斜面を、猛スピードで滑るスリル!
  • サンドボードのレッスンを受けられるのは、日本でここだけ!


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A Japanese meal served on a dining platform beside the famous Imadaki Waterfall

Enjoy a Japanese-style meal box (bento) while appreciating the beauty of the 44 meter high Imadaki Waterfall and the relaxing sound of its cascading water.
In case of rainy or stormy weather, meals will be served in a restaurant in the Yurihamacho area.
These meal boxes are specially prepared by the famous restaurant Kaiseki Sato in Yurihamacho. Using carefully selected ingredients produced in Tottori, we created an exquisitely presented and delicious meal.
Time required: approximately 1 hour.
Only a 200 meter walk from the parking area.

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Bamboo crafting, Long lasting with natural oil! Make bamboo chopsticks.

Have a delicious meal with handmade chopsticks! Let's make bamboo chopsticks.
Scrape the bamboo with "Kanna",scrape with chatter and make chopsticks.
Decorate with colorful beads and finish it cute.
Can coat with natural oil to bring good up!-There is no doubt that attachment will be attached to handmade bamboo chopsticks! The usual meal should be more enjoyable.
You can experience from a 5 year old child.
Application can be made every hour from 9 o'clock to 16 o'clock.

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Kurayoshi kasuri kimono or Yukata" Wearing Program with using the voice guide terminal.

  • It is an experience of wearing Kurayoshi Kasuri Kimono or yukata(in summer) and walking through Kurayoshi Shirakabe Dozo-gun.
  • Kurayoshi kasuri is a traditional costume which continues from the Edo period.
  • You can walk around Shirakabe Dozo-gun while listening to the history and characteristic by using the voice guide terminal.(language; Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese)
  • AM 11:00~13:00
  • PM 14:00~16:00
Coming Soon

Hakota doll Face Drawing Experience

  • It is an experience of drawing face of Haokota dall.
  • Hakota doll is a traditional craft which continues from the Edo period.
  • You can draw "Inaba no Shirousagi" (white rabbit that appears in the old tales of Tottori) and "Daruma" faces as well.
  • Business hours 9:00~16:00
  • Closed on Wed
Coming Soon

"Coaster of Kurayoshi kasuri" Making Experience

  • It is an experience of making a coaster with Kurayoshi kasuri
  • Learn the history and production process of kasuri.
  • You can make it by using a weaving machine.
  • Business hours 9:00~15:00
  • Closed on Wed
Coming Soon

Chopsticks for longevity and happiness Making Experience

  • It is an experience of making chopsticks for longevity and hapiness from gingko.
  • Flower language of gingko is longevity.
  • You can make special souvenir by putting your name or message.
  • Business hours 9:00~17:00
  • Closed on Mon,Tue
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Competition List

City/Town Sport
Tottori City Archery
(Outdoor Archery)
yamata Sports Park(Tottori Prefectural Fuse Sports Park)
(Indoor Archery)
yamata Sports Park(Tottori Prefectural Fuse Sports Park)
Yonago City Judo Tottori Prefectural Budokan
Kurayoshi City Cycling
Kurayoshi Cycling Track
(Road Race)
Kurayoshi・Hokuei Roadrace Course
Yurihama Town Ground Golf The Home of Ground Golf "Shiokaze no Oka Tomari"

Tokushima Pref.(TOKUSHIMA)

Awa Odori Kaikan
Awa Odori KaikanA place where you can enjoy the Awa Odori dance all year round. You can dance like a fool too!
SurfingIn southern Tokushima, you can enjoy various activities like surfing and SUP.
Indigo Dyeing
Indigo DyeingTokushima’s Indigo Dyeing is a recognized National Heritage. Find a high-quality product with your favorite shade of blue.

Enormous seas and mountains brimming with life
Try out exciting experiences of Japan’s proud traditional cultures

Tokushima Prefecture is full of attractions, beginning with one of the world's three natural whirlpools: the Naruto Whirlpools. The western region of the prefecture is dubbed Nishi Awa, which contains the "Steep Slope Land Agricultural System," a farming technique that was designated as the first Japanese Important Agricultural Heritage System. In addition, one may enjoy marine sports and fresh seafood on the beautiful ocean of the so-called "Shikoku no Migishita," or the southeastern region of Shikoku.

Tokushima also boasts Awa indigo, which was chosen as the logo color for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. In addition, Tokushima is known throughout the country for its traditional "Awa Odori" dance festival. The delicious sudachi citrus fruit that you can find in any kitchen in the Kansai area hails from Tokushima and is quite popular.

If you get the chance to visit, please don't miss a thing when enojoying all that Tokushima has to offer.

Activities & Events for the WMG Period Season
  • * We will inform you as soon as it is decided

Click here for Tokushima Prefecture tourism information

Tokushima Ramen
Tokushima Ramen

Pork rib meat cooked in a salty-sweet pork bone soy sauce base soup and topped with raw egg. This one is brown, but there are also white and yellow ones. Mixing this thick ramen with white rice is the winning combination.

Where can you eat them?
Available in all regions of the prefecture

World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI Special activity plans

Cycling and Bamboo work experience at Iwano family's guest house

Exerience Japanese traditional 'Omotenashi' at friendly Iwano family's guest house.
After cycling around Bamboo forest, you can make Japanese bamboo toys.
Meet friendly Mr and Mrs Iwano.
Receive Bamboo toy you made as gift.

Coming Soon

Makking tea and enjoy delicious Nishi Awaza local lunch at Largo Farmer's guest house Tour

Fragrant herds picking and tea making experience.
Delicious local meal, meeting nature, energy charging after busy days.
Herb tea gift.

Coming Soon

Pilgrimage Tour

Hear an explanation of the fundamentals of the pilgrimage, the process of praying, and temple etiquette. Furthermore, enjoy touring the temples as the guide explains each temple's history and legends.

Coming Soon

Eastern Tokushima Full Tour

From indigo dyeing to the Awa Odori dance, enjoy all the history, culture, and nature that the tourist spots of the Eastern region of Tokushima Prefecture have to offer on this tour.

Coming Soon

Iya Vine Bridge and Oboke Gorge

One of Japan's 3 unusual bridges: the Iya Vine Bridge (Kazurabashi). This thrilling bridge shakes with every step you take! Also, on the Oboke Gorge Pleasure Cruise, you can enjoy the scenery of what looks like a marble sculpture towering above you, and enjoy both the cherry blossoms in the spring and the red leaves as far as the eye can see in the autumn. Take in the full beauty of the gorge from the boat. For lunch, you can get a taste of mountain village cuisine.

Coming Soon

Awa Meats and SUP Board Tour

Get your fill of local Tokushima meats and enjoy SUP boarding and training on this special tour.

Coming Soon

Cultural Trip of Tokushima Yoshino River, Indigo Dying and Puppet Theater

Yoshino river cruise ,which have supported the prosperity of Tokushima.
Traditional puppet theater “Awa Ningyo Joruri".
Experience of indigo dyeing with the precious natural dye "Awa Ai".
Lunch box with plenty of Tokushima's ingredients in a parlor overlooking the old Japanese garden.

Coming Soon

Experience making Japanese dry confectionery made with Wasanbon

Wasanbon is the finest white sugar.
A first-hand experience on how to make “Awa Wasanbon”, a confectionary made from sugarcane, at our manufacture Hattori, established in 1864 and only one of four left in Japan.
Experience making a type of dried Japanese Sweet.
The dried sweets can be packed in boxes and used as souvenirs.
You can make an original, one-of-a-kind souvenir.

Coming Soon

Competition List

City/Town Sport
Tokushima City Tenpin Bowling Suehiro Bowl
Golf Tokushima Country Club
Naruto City Golf Grandee Naruto Golf Club 36
Naruto Country Club
Weightlifting Amino-Value Hall
Awa City Golf J Classic Golf Club
Ishii Town Tenpin Bowling Pop Joy Ishii
Kamiyama Town Golf Takagawa Higashi-tokushima Golf Club
Naka Town Canoe
Naka River Wajiki Rhine
Minami Town Triathlon
Hiwasa Umigame Triathlon Course

Kyoto City(Kyoto Pref.)(KYOTO CITY)

From early summer, you can enjoy outside dining along the Kamo River running through Kyoto City.
From early summer, you can enjoy outside dining along the Kamo River running through Kyoto City.
Fushimi once prospered as a port town and entrance to the city. Now, you can enjoy the elegant streets lined with sake breweries by boat.
Fushimi once prospered as a port town and entrance to the city. Now, you can enjoy the elegant streets lined with sake breweries by boat.

It all begins in Kyoto.
The touring of the game’s venues also begins in Kyoto!

Kyoto City is located in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture. The lifestyle cultures in this city have been nurtured for over 1,000 years, forming a unique sense of Japanese beauty. As well as Kinkaku-ji (Temple of the Golden Pavilion), Kiyomizu-dera and Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kyoto is brimming with so many fascinating attractions that are not very well known, such as Sanzen-in Temple, Fushimi, Takao, Yamashina, Nishikyo, and Keihoku.

Activities & Events for the WMG Period Season
  • * We will inform you as soon as it is decided

Click here for Kyoto City(Kyoto Prefecture) tourism information

World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI Special activity plans

A plan to enjoy the special Kyoto cuisine and taste matcha green tea in the tea ceremony house surrounded with greenery.

  • Special access to the Edo period tea-ceremony room that is closed on usual open days!
  • The quiet and peaceful tea-ceremony room surrounded by lush garden: feel the beautiful melodies of the nature sound of a stream and birdsong.
  • Enjoy Kyoto cuisine focused on local specialities by renowned Kyoto-style restaurant Izusen.
  • A bowl of matcha green tea is served after meal.
  • Exclusive staff members offer you guidance throughout the villa as well as meal service.
  • Conveviently located a 2-minute walk from Shimogamo Jinja Shrine.
Coming Soon

[Kyoto] "Karakami" Cards Printing Course

You can make hand printed post cards by using woodblocks of our traditional patterns.
You’ll have choice of many colored papers with silver and gold paints.
Karakami is woodblock printed paper originates form the Heian period (984-1185) and is used for traditional sliding screen and wallpapers.

Coming Soon

「Unknown Kyoto」 1 day Walking tour

One day tour with 15 years experienced English speaking Guide.
Enjoy Kyoto old town's vibe.
One bottle of Japanese sake based Liquor Gift.

Coming Soon

Competition List

City Sport
Kyoto City Opening ceremony TAKEBISHI Stadium Kyoto(Kyoto City Nishikyogoku Athletic Park Athletics Stadium and Stadium)
Badminton Shimadzu Arena Kyoto
Karate Kyoto City Budo Center
Squash StandOut KYOTO
Kyoto Terrsa
(Track & Field)
TAKEBISHI Stadium Kyoto・Sub-Field(Nishikyogoku Athletic Park)
Badminton Kyoto City Gymnasium
Kyoto Citizen Sports Hall

Osaka City(Osaka Pref.)(OSAKA CITY)

DotonboriIt is a symbolic spot in Osaka with a bridge and a Glico sign.
This is a vibrant area where many foreign tourists visit and are crowded with many people.
There is a long-established shop and a gourmet spot in Osaka.
Umeda Sky Building
Umeda Sky BuildingIt is the core facility of Shin-Umeda City, a new city center in Osaka and Umeda, and is one of Umeda's landmarks. From the observatory, you can enjoy a 360 ° view.

Eat, play, then eat some more!
The more you see, the more you’ll enjoy the wonderful attractions!

The stylish Kita northern downtown, with all the latest fashions and trends. Osaka's Minami southern downtown, centered around Namba. You can have totally different experiences, even in the same city

Activities & Events for the WMG Period Season
  • * We will inform you as soon as it is decided

Click here for Osaka City(Osaka Prefecture) tourism information


One of the must-try foods of Osaka.
Easily eaten as a snack,and bite-sized too.

Where can you eat them?
Takoyaki restaurants and restaurants in Osaka city

World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI Special activity plans

Nakanoshima Charter Cruise

A group of people can rent out a boat with sofa seats for an elegant cruise experience!
An unforgettable night in Osaka.
Champagne and snacks are also available! Champagne and snacks are available!
You can bring your own food and drink!

Coming Soon


An Italian-speaking captain and a Venetian water taxi will take you around Osaka.
You can spend an elegant time in a Venetian water limousine. This is a special tour of Nakanoshima, departing from the International Convention Center Pier (in front of Rihga Royal Hotel).
International Convention Center - Awaza - Tosabori River - Osaka Castle - Kensaki Park - Dojima River - International Convention Center
Six departures a day: 11:00/12:30/14:00/15:30/17:00/18:30
This cruise includes a special course meal (with aperitif) served at BELLA COSTA Italian Restaurant at Rihga Royal Hotel. *Please note that prior booking is required for this service.
You can enjoy the beautiful city of Osaka from the boat. It is definitely one of the best sightseeing experiences in Osaka.
A special course (with aperitif) served in the "Bella Costa" Italian restaurant of the Rihga Royal Hotel, right in front of the port of departure and arrival.

Coming Soon

「Unknown Osaka」 Osaka Castle Park Walking tour

One day tour with 15 years experienced English speaking Guide.
One bottle of Mino Beer Gift.
Know all about the castle tower and Nishinomaru Garden.

Coming Soon

Competition List

City Sport
Osaka City Closing ceremony MARUZEN INTEC ARENA OSAKA(Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium)

Sakai City(Osaka Pref.)(SAKAI CITY)

The Mozu Tombs, Osaka’s first World Heritage Site
The Mozu Tombs, Osaka’s first World Heritage Site
At the Mozu Tombs, you can purchase traditional goods produced in Sakai, including knives of the finest quality.
At the Mozu Tombs, you can purchase traditional goods produced in Sakai, including knives of the finest quality.

Sakai, the beginning of all things
Enjoy a seemingly everlasting moment in Sakai,
A city overflowing with history and culture.

The Mausoleum of Emperor Nintoku is the world’s largest tomb and part of the Mozu Tombs, which became Osaka’s first World Heritage Site in 2019. Sakai is blessed with rich historical culture, including its large number of historical temples and shrines, the old streets around Kitahatagocho, the culture of the “Way of Tea” created by Sen no Rikyu, and traditional industries such as blade-making, incense sticks, and bicycles.
The town with the Mausoleum of Emperor Nintoku and birthplace of Sen no Rikyu…
Sakai is brimming with historical and cultural attractions and is a wonderful place to visit.

Activities & Events for the WMG Period Season
  • * We will inform you as soon as it is decided

Click here for Sakai City(Osaka Prefecture) tourism information

Sakai Conger Eel Cuisine
Sakai Conger Eel Cuisine

In the past, numerous conger eels were caught in the waters around Sakai, and there were rows of conger eel restaurants. The gourmet and ceramic artist Kitaoji Rosanjin wrote in an essay that “the sea around Sakai is famous for delicious conger eels. They cook them well there, too…” So, we hope you decide to enjoy high-quality conger eel at Sakai.

Where can you eat them?
Available at Japanese pubs, restaurants, hotels, etc. in Sakai City

World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI Special activity plans

【Osaka・Sakai】Knife for yourself making experience

Sharpen a kitchen knife, leaning to perform maintenance on it for yourself.
Perform the final step in the process, that is handle fitting.
Test out the cutting edge for yourself.
The finished kitchen knife can be taken home.
Offer the option to have your name carved onto the knife.
You can try on craftsman costumes.

Coming Soon

Competition List

City Sport
Sakai City Football

Kobe City(Hyogo Pref.)(KOBE CITY)

Mt. Rokko
Mt. RokkoThe view of Kobe city from Mt. Rokko is clear and the air is the best!
Arima Onsen
Arima OnsenArima Onsen has been extremely popular for many years.

Kobe, a city breathing with history
in its everyday life.

Kobe has a wealth of attractive spots, including the rich nature of Mt. Rokko and the Seto Inland Sea, harbors with beautiful scenery, exotic cityscapes, Arima Onsen, and the Nada sake brewery.
In addition, the unique lifestyle cultures of Kobe, including its food culture of sweets and bread and stylish fashion culture are nurtured on a backdrop of Kobe’s blessed topography and history as a port town.

Activities & Events for the WMG Period Season
  • * We will inform you as soon as it is decided

Click here for Kobe City(Hyogo Prefecture) tourism information

Kobe Beef
Kobe Beef

As its reputation is so great, only Tajima cattle born within designated producers within Hyogo Prefecture that meet the strict standards may be marketed as Kobe Beef. Kobe Beef is characterized by its fine, vivid and beautiful marbling. The marbling has a melting point so low that it melts at human skin temperature, and produces a rich fragrance, mellowness, and richness.
【Kobe Official Tourism Website “Feel KOBE” Gourmet Page】

World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI Special activity plans

ASICS Miniature Shoes Making Workshop

Let's make a 8cm long cute miniature shoe by assembling the small shoe parts.
ASICS staff members will teach how to make the shoe.
You can visit to a ASICS SPORTS MUSEUM.

Coming Soon

Nada Sake Brewery Tour

  • Introduce Japanese sake's history, culture, how to make Japanese sake, how to enjoy Japanese sake by English.
  • English speaking Japanse guide-having Japanese sake's master certificate will wear Kimono when showing places.
  • You can buy bottles of sake you like at the place.
  • Group tour from 4 - 6 people.
Coming Soon

Competition List

City Sport
Kobe City Athletics
(Race Walking)
Rokko Island West side Course
Basketball Kobe Oji Sports Center
Hotto Motto Field Kobe
G7 Stadium Kobe
Basketball Green Arena Kobe
Table Tennis Green Arena Kobe
Basketball Kobe Tokiwa Arena(Hyogo Prefectural Cultural Gymnasium)
Ajisai Stadium Kita Kobe
Basketball Kobe Central Gymnasium
Port Island
Kobe Port Island Sports Center
Table Tennis Kobe Central Gymnasium
(Miki City, Hyogo Pref.) Baseball
Miki Disaster Prevention Park

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We would like to introduce sport tourism and charms of Japan to those who are interested in participating in the Games. These are some of the best spots in Japan!