Choosing from the sports


We introduce accommodation facilities convenient for watching and participating in this competition.

We offer accommodations recommended by the organizer. We provide information on facilities partnered with the Games, such as with special treatment for participants or high convenience of transportation, so you can stay at a facility without any worries.
In addition, depending on the facility, there are special benefits limited to participants. Details vary depending on the facility, so check the reservation page of each facility. (Gifts of local products, etc.)

"Official partner hotel"

Run by the Daiwa House Group, a major partner of the Games. Provides the participants with a warm welcome, such as with information on sports venues and other benefits.
We will post the partner hotels for the corresponding areas as new information comes in, so please stay tuned.

"Partner hotel"

Facilities close to the venue, with high convenience of transportation, or participant benefits.

  • ・We have selected facilities around Sonobe Station, which has good access from the station closest to the venue by train, and facilities with "recommended points" (transportation by car) as partner hotels.
  • ・Trains on the JR Sagano Line run directly from Kyoto Station to Yagi Station, which is closest to the competition venue.

"Recommended hotel"

A facility farther from the venue, but with available means of transportation and participant benefits.

<How to use>
Move to the dedicated site (external site) from the link banner above.
Enter your desired conditions (dates of stay, number of people, room type, etc.) and choose a facility from the displayed facilities and plans.

There are few accommodation facilities around the competition venue, so we are providing a wider range. If you come by car, please choose from this area.
If you use public transportation, we recommend staying along the JR Sagano Line(JR San-in Line) because the nearest station is JR Yagi Station.

Areas with highly convenient access in the competition area are automatically displayed.
You can compare them by order of price and popularity if you enter conditions such as number of people and room type on the website.

<How to use>
Please go to the reservation inquiry form from the link banner above. Fill in the necessary information and press the send button.

If you can't make a reservation through the Games accommodation site, such as in the case you want to make a reservation for a group (9 people or more) at once, we will handle your request separately at the World Masters Games 2021 Kansai Accommodation Center.
Filling out and sending a special form is required, so make sure to contact us as soon as you can.

<How to use>
Please go to the reservation inquiry form from the link banner above. Fill in the necessary information and press the send button.

*The World Masters Games 2021 Kansai Accommodation Center is operated by a travel agency commissioned by the Organizing Committee.