Choosing from the sports

Please choose the sport you plan to participate in or watch.

You will be taken to the details page for each sport, so you can use the link button there to go to a dedicated site which has the information on the selected accommodation facilities.*Parts of the reservation process differ depending on the sport. Please check the details on each sport details page.

"Make sure to read before use"

To choose the best accommodation

  • 1 World Masters Games 2021 Kansai is held in a wide area, so we recommend that everyone who participates and those who wish to go sightseeing can refer to the sport description pages and take into consideration the traffic and the start times of the competitions before booking.
  • 2 For sports for which competitions are held at multiple venues, select an accommodation facility after checking the time and place of entrance and access to the venue at the sport description pages.
  • 3 When taking part in multiple sports or wishing to take part in sports and sightseeing, it may be difficult to participate in the competitions using only one accommodation facility because it takes time to move. Please select accommodations in consideration of the competition schedule and travel time. (Please note that the same is expected if you are participating in a competition the day after the opening ceremony)
  • 4 This site serves for introducing accommodation facilities. The accommodation agreement is made between the user and the travel agency/accommodation facility which provide the accommodation plan, so any reservations you make are made at your own responsibility.