Trying yachting in Misakicho, Sennan-Gun

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Osaka Pref.
Trying yachting in Misakicho, Sennan-Gun

This article is based on the coverage conducted in March 2021, when a state of emergency was not declared in Osaka Prefecture. The coverage was conducted taking counter measures against Covid-19 (to wear a mask, etc.) recommended at that time.

About 14 km southwest of the venue of WMG2021 Open Water Swimming, Tarui Southern Beach, there is “Osaka Prefectural Youth Marine Center” in a town called “Misakicho”. The town is rich in nature. You can try sailing a yacht if you book in advance by telephone. By the way, this information is not on their website.
The yacht you can try here is OP. OP stands for “Optimist”. It is 2.31 m long and 1.13 m wide, a small yacht for kids. It is said that this yacht is for beginners since it is very stable even in strong wind and you can operate safely.
<font color='blue' size='2'>Top: Storage on the left
Bottom: Yachts are lined up neatly inside the storage</font>
Top: Storage on the left
Bottom: Yachts are lined up neatly inside the storage
Inside the spacious storage looks like a museum with many yachts and canoes.

It starts from carrying an OP out of the storage with a member of the staff. It is light enough to be able to carry with two adults.
<font color='blue' size='2'>Left: A set of OP<br>Right: Assemble to this point on the land.</font>
Left: A set of OP
Right: Assemble to this point on the land.
As you assemble, you learn the structure, the function of each part and how to operate the yacht. And you need to tie a bowline with sailing rope. You know some people tie a crooked shoelace knot? Or, someone with loose shoelace? You need to tie a sailing rope properly because not doing so can be deadly.

With two wooden boards (rudder and centre board for rolling prevention) placed on the yacht, I push the yacht into water, and then board.

There is no photo of myself trying sailing or the view from the yacht in this article. I couldn’t bring my camera onto the yacht since I was holding the sailing rope all the time in one hand and the rudder in the other hand. Also, the staff was paying attention to my hands at all times, so I couldn’t dare to ask to film me at that time.
I’m trying two person yacht next time, in September 2021.
I’ll ask a member of staff to film me then, so please look forward to it!

As soon as I board, I attach the rudder and centre board for rolling prevention. Now, assembly completed.
“I’m floating.” I could feel it.

You operate holding the rudder in one hand and sailing rope in the other hand. At first, you may find it a bit difficult holding the rudder behind you. As the wind turns the sail, you turn your body, too.

The staff taught me to remember that the sail is the “Engine” because it moves the yacht by catching wind, and tiller is the “Handle”.
When you loosen the sailing rope, sail won’t be stretched and so it won’t catch wind, therefor, the yacht stops.

“I see!” I sailed holding the sailing rope tightly, letting the sail to catch wind.

The staff tells me what to do behind me, so I could move to the direction I wanted. I speed up. I feel the wind and sea spray on my face, it’s very nice.

When turning the yacht, you turn your body, too. So if you are big, it could be a bit difficult to move your body on this OP yacht (for kids).

After staying 15 minutes on the sea, we return to the shore for a break. My legs were swollen after staying in an unfamiliar posture.
It was the first time I tried yachting. I was nervous until I started it, thinking like “What if the yacht was swept out to sea?”, “What if the yacht rolled over and I fell?”. However, the staff told me how to move hands right next to me, and also the course was surrounded by the shore, I could sail without fear of being swept away.

After taking a break, I tried again. I operated the yacht towards the direction I wanted, moved between the points in a straight line, moved in figure 8 pattern, as if I was taking a driving lesson. I was also learning to adjust speed.

It’s so much fun!

As I sped up, I could feel soothing breeze on my face! I was happy operating the yacht by myself, I felt a sense of unity with the sea. At this point, I could afford to look around to admire the view.
I could see planes flying away. That felt great!

What I thought after the 1-hour lesson was “I’d love to come again soon!”.

I started playing marine sports two years ago, and the ocean is very precious to me. In order to protect the ocean, I decided to continue to make sustainable efforts regarding plastic pollution more than before.
The place I tried yachting this time, “Osaka Prefectural Youth Marine Center” is the facility to provide opportunity of wholesome and cultural recreation in nature to young people. Cute jellyfish guides are displayed here and there in the building.

To try yachting, you need to book in advance. Visit “Osaka Prefectural Youth Marine Center” to feel refreshed.
■Osaka Prefectural Youth Marine Center
Location: 6190 Tannowa, Misakicho, Sennan-Gun, Osaka-Fu
TEL: 072-494-1811
To get there: Approx. 10-minute walk from “Nankai honsen” Line’s “Tannowa” station.

The sports and disciplines
of the World Masters
Games 2021 Kansai
held in the neighbourhood.

Introducing the poster


I would like to introduce the beautiful nature and heat of sports culture in Wakayama, so-called “the country of water”, from various angles.
Running for 5 years
Participated in
- Nagoya women’s marathon
- Kobe marathon, etc.
An executive committee member of Kishu festival project, “ODORUNYA”
Belong to Yosakoi festival team, “Ranchiki”
Active to vitalize the town with Yosakoi festival
Participated in half marathon. I’ll be waiting for the runners to compete in the same race in Wakayama.