Solo training at “Nara Palace Site Historical Park”, surrounded by nature! [Part 1] Daigokuden (Imperial Audience Hall)

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Nara Pref.
Solo training  at “Nara Palace Site Historical Park”, surrounded by nature!
[Part 1] Daigokuden (Imperial Audience Hall)

This article is based on the coverage conducted in July 2021 when a state of emergency was not declared in Nara Prefecture. In principle, the coverage was conducted taking counter measures against Covid-19 (to wear a mask, etc.) recommended at that time.

Hello, everyone! I’m a sports instructor, Ayaka YAMAOKA, and I love my hometown. Today, I would like to introduce “Nara Palace Site Historical Park”, a place where everyone in Nara, my hometown, can enjoy fitness freely, and also I’ll show you “Solo training” you may want to try in this day and age!

It makes you feel the history; “Nara Palace Site Historical Park: Daigokuden”

So, I’ll jog as I show you around. Heijo Palace Site is located in my hometown in Nara Prefecture. This site used to be a field and it was known as a children’s playground. In recent years, historical buildings are being reconstructed.
<font color='blue' size='2'>Daigokuden has a spacious flat field around it, and I’m jogging freely!</font>
Daigokuden has a spacious flat field around it, and I’m jogging freely!
Though I didn’t admire it as a child, since I became an adult, I noticed “It’s a special thing that there’s a historical place this close to me…”. It’s so spacious that you can keep enough social distance here, and there are joggers, families playing badminton, etc., everyone is enjoying workout.
<font color='blue' size='2'>Illuminated after dark and I’m playing with my shadow.</font>
Illuminated after dark and I’m playing with my shadow.
Now, please let me explain what brought me go to” Heijo Palace Site” as an adult and write this article. Though I work in sports, I found it enjoyable to stay at home under the social conditions these days, and I enjoyed staying in to the fullest when I was off from work! To be no exception, I was out of training and got shocked looking through my medical checkup result.
<font color='blue' size='2'>Jumping high in nature, it feels so good! To avoid injury, knees and toes should be facing the same direction.</font>
Jumping high in nature, it feels so good! To avoid injury, knees and toes should be facing the same direction.
That’s why I decided to do “moderate exercise which I can try alone”. I’m a bit embarrassed to tell you that I was driven by necessity, but if you are in the same situation as me, please take this opportunity to start exercising with me!

Found it! Training spot, “A straight path with a view of Daigokuden from a distance”

So, this is the training spot I found near Daigokuden! A straight path which is just over 100 metres long. The path is wide enough to take about 5 steps doing lunge. There are benches on both sides of the path at an interval of about 20 metres.

Try this! Dash in a zig-zag + weight training

It’s simple. You do weight training at all of the benches, dashing between those benches! Please do a warm-up, and then try this exercise paying attention to other visitors so as not to bother them.

At the first bench, train your abs by lifting your legs up.

Keep breathing, try not hold it. Stop this exercise if you have lower back pain.

Dash between the benches!

Be careful not to get hurt, speed up gradually. Watch your step so as not to run into thick grass or a ditch.
Music provided by :Nara Music Design

10 benches in total. Takes about 30 mins to complete. Quite tough.

The benches are sturdy and wouldn’t move at all even if you put your weight on them. When you turn around, there is a view with a historical building, which may make you feel like you went back in time, it’s something out of the ordinary.

Big stretch!

Although I’m smiling, it’s tough. Stay still using your core muscle.

It takes about 30 minutes at a slow speed to complete the task. By the time you get to the end of the path, you may feel good even if you are tired from full-body workout. How about trying this after school or work two to three times a week? Of course, take it easy if you have pain or when you’re tired. Please be aware of your health and enjoy exercise for your fitness level.

(* If you are seeing your doctor regularly, consult him/her beforehand for your safety; how many times, how often and how hard you should exercise. Please also note that I do not take any responsibility or liability for any change to your health condition caused by the training shown in this article.)
<font color='blue' size='2'>The sky I saw while jogging towards <Part 2: “Suzakumon” gate> was so beautiful! I’m quite worn out.</font>
The sky I saw while jogging towards was so beautiful! I’m quite worn out.

The sports and disciplines
of the World Masters
Games 2021 Kansai
held in the neighbourhood.

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I am from Nara Prefecture. I love rowing! I am working in a hospital as a physiotherapist / trainer.
・Staff of Japan Rowing Association, Para Rowing Committee
・Instructor authorized by the Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center, “Asuchare! Messenger”
・Member of 23rd Shiga Prefecture Provisional Council for Sport
・Chief instructor of the general incorporated association “Cococalabo, Step+”